Monday, February 13, 2012

Sick and tired.

With the mild, more like non-winter that we are having in Wisconsin this year I thought that I might get through the year without getting to sick. But as all good things go I was wrong. Started feeling bad on Wednesday, went a head and do the Crono trainer ride. By the end is knew that I was headed for a ruff bout of the CRUD! A bad cold, Flu what ever you want to call it, I got "IT". Went ahead and went to work on Thursday, needed to, or that was what I kept telling myself. Made it till about 3:00 and called it a day. Came home, went right to bed and slept. I think if I just would stayed home the whole day I would have recovered a whole lot faster. But didn't, been almost a week, feel a lot better but still not 100%. And to top it off I'll be traveling the next two weekends. This weekend to Minneapolis and next weekend to Tucson. At least next weekend I'll be going to a warm place. Get to ride some Cervelo's and hopefully get to see the new P5. I guess we shell see.